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CIAT: Center for Information Age Technology

Note: NJIT has closed CIAT as of 12/31/13

If you are interested in assistance to your agency,
please contact Mitch Darer, Director, Technology Consulting Services
at mresc.k12.nj.us, or (732) 453-4658


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CIAT was established by the State in 1983.  Since then, the Center has helped New Jersey government, education, non-profits, associations, manufacturers and other organizations address their records management technology, management and operations projects and problems. We have worked with clients on projects such as strategic planning, systems evaluation, needs assessment, technology planning, vendor evaluation, network design, specifications, implementation, training, support, and Website design.

CIAT's staff are full-time senior information technology consultants, not faculty or students. Our experience averages over 25 years in systems, management, business and government, with varied clients and technologies.  CIAT is typically brought in when the organization needs additional time, expertise or objectivity to tackle its technology issues.   We have helped hundreds of municipalities, all 21 counties, and dozens of state agencies.

CIAT is unique; no other organizations have the impartiality, expertise, and experience of CIAT’s senior information technology consultants. Private firms are typically expensive and often tied to particular vendors’ products. Government-oriented departments of other Universities and Colleges do not have the dedicated, sole mission that CIAT does: "to help computer choosers and users" in the State. Finally, vendor organizations may offer ‘free’ services, but the hidden price tag is promoting their own products.

We are public employees -- this means we do not sell hardware or software, are not a private-sector vendor, and are completely impartial, working on behalf of our "clients" in an unbiased manner.

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